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This past Wednesday marked the second Annex Tweetup of 2013 and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  Naturally we had quite a few regular tweeters in attendance, but this month we also had some long lost Annex friends come back to us as well as quite a few first timers!

In attendance at the February tweetup were:

@creape & @SansPantsGirl

And making their first Annex Tweetup appearance were:

@HeyAmie, @TheHeldawg, @TheSeasonSalt and @CailinMarks.  I’d have to go back through all the previous tweetup recaps, but this may have been the largest group we’ve had.  And DAMN was it fun.  

There were a whole slew of pictures floating around from that night.  I’ve kept it to 16… otherwise this site will explode from all the awesome 🙂

As always, I like to include some of the tweets that came out of the night just so you don’t think we stop doing what brought us together in the first place:

  • Note to self: charge phone. It’s @AnnexBar #annextweetup night.
  • Lets get ready to RUMBLE!!!! #annextweetup
  • Lets do this! #antivalentinesevetweetup
  • Just ordered my burger. Be jealous 😉
  • Worst auto-correct ever. «”Giving gigs to ransoms. Just your basic Wednesday.” #annextweetup»
  • And so it begins #shots
  • I wouldn’t refer to Mr Belvedere as #tremendous
  • I did a shot with mr belvedere he rocks #truth
  • Famous last words… RT the @AnnexBar basement is OPEN!!!
  • Is that where they keep the gimp?
  • No that’s not your boob!
  • “Oh my god…my mom told me to join Christian Mingle!!!”
  • He’s a BIG fan of Red Solo Cup
  • I’m trying to match water with shots. #annextweetup
  • Just gave a gig to a ransom… nothing to see here. #AllTheInsideJokes
  • The @AnnexBar never disappoints. There was table dancing. Crutches. Chocolate Snickers hearts and Bel Biv Devoe.

The next Tweetup will be on Wednesday, March 13th at 7:00 PM.  All are welcome and we’d love to see you.  If you’ve never joined us for a tweet up I’m not sure I can make a better case than with this point.  What are you waiting for???

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