Annex “Famous” Burgers

The Annex Bar & Grille is known for having some of the best burgers around.  And for good reason… they’re amazing.  When I know I’m going to The Annex I look forward to the food nearly as much as the… Continue reading

A few weeks back, my buddy Pip came into town for the weekend.  While he’s been to the Annex many times, he’s never had an Annex burger.  His first night in town we took care of that major oversight in his culinary… Continue reading

A world famous Annex burger always looks amazing.  But in the hands of a skilled photographer you get something truly breathtaking.  OK… so maybe I’m overselling a bit.  Perhaps the burgers aren’t “world famous” and perhaps I shouldn’t be comparing… Continue reading

One of the first things that I learned in school is that everyone learns differently.  Some people are auditory learners and others are more visual in nature.  Its with that in mind that I’m putting this post together.  If you’ve… Continue reading