Many people will drive right by the Annex and not know it’s a bar.  No matter how many times I tell people that it’s on the corner of Liberty and Pettibone I get the same reaction, “That place?”… Continue reading

There are times when I’m out and about pimping the Annex and when I tell folks where the bar is located there’s one “reaction” that is more common that others.  When I say that it’s in Solon on the corner… Continue reading

Friend of the Annex, Jennifer (@SportStoleMyMan), sent us this pic prior to a recent visit.  There’s just something about rolling up on the corner of Pettibone and Liberty that gets the blood pumping!

Annex Anticipation

The Annex now (unofficially) has a website!  While I’m nothing more than a patron of the greatest bar in the world, I happen to be a bit of a web geek and I own a website development and digital marketing… Continue reading