Yes… It’s A Bar

When I’m out and about talking about my favorite bar (The Annex in case you haven’t noticed) I simply can’t tell you how many times people say, “Oh… I know that place.  That’s a bar?”  Yes… it’s a bar.  And it’s awesome.

Next week (6/6) there’s a “Tweetup” being held at The Annex.  What’s a tweetup you ask?  It’s a real-life get together of folks that have met on Twitter (@AnnexBar if you don’t already follow me 😉 )  There are quite a few folks who are making their virgin Annex trek that night and I wanted to put this post out there so they would know awesome when they came across it.  See you next week! #AnnexTweetup

The Outside Of The Annex
Yes... It's A Bar. And It's AWESOME!!!

Are you attending the tweetup next week?  Remember to take pics and send em in!


  1. My first visit in the Annex was in 1952………it was called “Locust Inn” ………..across the street on liberty road was a corn field, and on the pettibone side was an empty lot. I grew up & graduated from Solon HS in 1962. I am retired USN, and live in New Orleans. I visit Solon every year, and have a lot of good memories of the Annex. I went there almost every Sunday with my Dad from 52-62. Annex was my dad’s favorite and became mine too!
    There were two other bars in Solon then……..Rogers (corner 91&43) Last Round Up (corner Solon Rd, and 91…Rogers was owned by the Davis family and Last Round Up by Neola’s (sp).
    I will be visiting this month (Aug) and plan to stop in and have a “Cold One!”

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