When I’m out and about talking about my favorite bar (The Annex in case you haven’t noticed) I simply can’t tell you how many times people say, “Oh… I know that place.  That’s a bar?”  Yes… it’s a bar.  And it’s awesome.

Next week (6/6) there’s a “Tweetup” being held at The Annex.  What’s a tweetup you ask?  It’s a real-life get together of folks that have met on Twitter (@AnnexBar if you don’t already follow me 😉 )  There are quite a few folks who are making their virgin Annex trek that night and I wanted to put this post out there so they would know awesome when they came across it.  See you next week! #AnnexTweetup

The Outside Of The Annex
Yes... It's A Bar. And It's AWESOME!!!

Are you attending the tweetup next week?  Remember to take pics and send em in!