Many people will drive right by the Annex and not know it’s a bar.  No matter how many times I tell people that it’s on the corner of Liberty and Pettibone I get the same reaction, “That place?”  Yes… that place.  It’s a bar.  If you hang out with me for any length of time, you’ll quickly start to notice that I say “awesome” and “tremendous” pretty often.  I say them even more when I’ve been drinking.  Imagine that.

Well, that leads me to this picture.  From now on I’m no longer telling people The Annex is on the corner of Liberty and Pettibone.  Nope… from now on, it’s on the corner of Awesome & Tremendous!

The Annex Bar & Grille Is On The Corner Of Awesome & Tremendous
The Greatest Corner In Solon

Don’t forget about the next Annex Tweetup on 9/12!  Will you be there?